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California’s Three-Year Lookback Window for Child Sexual Abuse Ends Dec. 31, 2022

If you are a survivor of child sexual abuse who was abused in California, now is the time to act.

A few years ago, California passed a law known as the Child Victims’ Act that opened a three-year “lookback window,” which allows victims of child sexual abuse to sue their abusers and entities responsible for the abuse, no matter when the abuse occurred. The ability to file civil cases under this law will end December 31, 2022.

Under Assembly Bill 218, victims can sue individual abusers, as well as responsible entities that owed “a duty of care” and allowed the abuse to happen. These entities may include religious organizations, churches, private schools, youth groups, sports organizations and others who were responsible to protect children from harm.

Time Left to File

Countdown Expired!

Abuse by Catholic clergy and Boy Scouts of America volunteers are a few institutions in California that have seen large numbers of sex-abuse victims.

James Vernon & Weeks, P.A., one of the nation’s leading law firms assisting sex-abuse survivors, has assembled a California team of dedicated attorneys, paralegals and investigators who are representing numerous survivors under the new law, empowering them and guiding them through the legal process.

Hundreds of credibly accused sex abusers from California have been named.

“There is hope, and there is healing,” said Leander James, attorney and a JVW managing shareholder. “While the damage is heartbreaking, this law empowers survivors to hold accountable those responsible for their abuse.  They can seek justice and deter future abuse.”

“We have uncovered numerous responsible organizations beyond the Catholic Church and Boy Scouts,” added Craig Vernon, a fellow managing shareholder, “including the LDS Church, Baptist Church and others.”

There have been more than 750 credibly accused Catholic clergy abusers who worked in California, according to one organization that tracks the abuse. The details of abuse are horrific, with one priest accused of drugging and raping a boy – Fr. Jose I. Ugarte from the Los Angeles Archdiocese – while another priest, Fr. Carl Maurice Sutphin, ranked Number 6 on the Los Angles Archdiocesan list of 10 most prolific abusers, with 23 accusers. Yet others have been convicted and sent to prison.

Meanwhile, the Boy Scouts of America recently secured approval of a $2.46 billion reorganization plan from a federal bankruptcy judge that will allow the organization to settle decades of claims by more than 80,000 men saying they were abused as children by scout leaders.

If you are a victim of abuse, call (208) 667-0683 for a free consultation, or contact us online.

Below is a list of credibly accused Catholic clergy abusers, which include church leaders, including three bishops in Los Angeles alone, according to a tracking database from Bishop Accountability.

Credibly Accused Catholic Clergy Abusers

Diocese of Fresno, CA

Fr. Henry F. Angelino
Fr. John J. Boyle
Fr. John A. Bradley
Bishop Tod David Brown
Fr. Hermy Dave O. Ceniza
Fr. Gerald F. Chavez
Fr. James Collins
Fr. Frederic P. Crowley
Fr. Francis X. Darmady
Fr. Robert Davis
Deacon Jose Morelos
Fr. Raul Diaz
Fr. John Esquivel
Fr. Thomas Farrell
Fr. Miguel Flores
Fr. Robert Gamel

Fr. Louis Aloysius Garcia
Fr. John J. Gaynor
Fr. Jorge de Jesus Gomez Forunda
Fr. Ramon Gomez
Fr. Craig F. Harrison
Fr. Anthony G. Herdegen
Fr. Ronald LaBarrera Villarreal
Fr. Michael J. Mangan
Fr. Patrick J. McGrath
Fr. Pascal Merola
Fr. Walter Nicholson
Fr. Vincent A. O’Connell
Fr. Bernardine Solvyns
Fr. Eric Swearingen
Fr. Jose Luis Vega Sanchez

Archdiocese of Los Angeles, CA

Fr. Rubin Abaya
Fr. Nicolas Aguilar-Rivera
Deacon Arturo Federico Ahumada
Fr. Pierre Albalaa
Fr. Sebastian Altamirano Torres
Fr. Joseph F. Alzugaray
Fr. David E. Anderson
Fr. Roger Anderson
Br. Aloysius Antlitz
Fr. Andreas Arias
Bishop Juan Arzube
Fr. Edmund Austin
Fr. Delfin Babilonia
Fr. Michael Stephen Baker
Fr. Frederick R. Balak
Fr. Victor Balbin
Fr. Felipe Baldonado
Fr. Kevin P. Barmasse
Fr. John Bauer
Fr. Gaspar Bautista
Fr. Christopher Berbena
Fr. Matthias A. Berumen
Fr. Honesto Bayranta Bismonte
Fr. Robert Boley
Fr. Robert Bond
Fr. Jerome Bouska
Fr. Leland Boyer
Fr. John Lawrence Brennan
Brother Mark
Br. Lawrence Brown
Fr. Michael Daniel Buckley
Fr. Ronald Francis Burt
Seminarian Ed Byrom
Fr. Honorato Cabaong
Br. Samuel Charles Cabot
Fr. Lynn Richard Caffoe
Fr. James Cairns
Fr. Felix Calonge
Fr. Juan Cano
Fr. Cleve W. Carey
Fr. David Carriere
Fr. Michael J. Carroll
Fr. Raul Carvajal Hernandez
Fr. Edward J. Casey
Fr. John Joseph Casey
Fr. Michael Joseph Casey
Fr. Gildardo Castellanos-Morfin
Fr. Willebaldo Castro
Fr. Camillus Charles Cavagnaro
Fr. Vincent V. Cavalli
Fr. David Paul Chandler
Br. Damien Chong
Br. Gerald T. Chumik
Fr. Mario Cimmarrusti
Fr. John V. Coffield
Fr. Eugene J. Colosimo
Fr. Ozias Bailey Cook
Fr. Candido Corcoles
Fr. Andres S. Corral
Fr. John V. Cosgrove
Fr. Patrick J. Cotter
Fr. R. David Cousineau
Fr. Daniel J. Cremins
Fr. Sean Cronin
Fr. Angel Cruces
Fr. Jose Luis Cuevas
Fr. Christopher John Cunningham
Fr. Wallace J. Daley
Fr. John H. Dawson
Fr. John P. Deady
Br. Donald DeFore
Fr. Harold J. DeJonghe
Fr. Harold F. DeLisle
Fr. James Devaney
Fr. Joseph B. Di Peri
Fr. William L. Diamond
Fr. Arwyn N. Diesta
Fr. Frederick Dittmar
Fr. Michael Son Trong Doan
Br. Dan Dobbins
Fr. Edward J. Dober
Fr. John B. Doherty
Fr. Roger J. Doherty
Fr. James E. Dolan
Fr. Thomas J. Dove
Fr. Francis Leo Dowd
Br. Donald J. DuFour
Fr. Albert Joseph Duggan
Fr. Joseph Dunne
Fr. Donald M. Duplessis
Fr. Sebastian C. Elanjimannil
Fr. Andrew Gabriel Encinas
Fr. Thomas Patrick English
Br. Mark Epperson
Br. Joseph Eslava
Fr. Mark A. Falvey
Fr. Clint Farabaugh
Fr. Donald G. Farmer
Fr. John V. Farris
Br. Charles George Fatooh
Fr. Gerald Faue
Fr. John J.C. Feeney
Fr. Arthur N. Fernando
Fr. Walter Fernando
Fr. Gerald B. Fessard
Fr. William Finn
Fr. James J. Fitzpatrick
Fr. Thomas Q. Fitzpatrick
Fr. Patrick Flannery
Fr. Vincent Stephen Flynn
Fr. George Foley
Fr. James Michael Ford
Fr. Brian Cavanagh
Fr. Dominic T. Gaioni
Fr. George Michael Gallagher
Fr. Miguel Gameros
Fr. Jesus Garay
Fr. Carmelo Garcia
Fr. Cristobal Garcia
Fr. Peter E. Garcia
Fr. Ramon D. Garcia
Fr. Richard Francis Garcia
Fr. Sergio E. Garcia
Fr. Martin Gates
Fr. Denis Ginty
Fr. David F. Granadino
Fr. Donald Grasha
Fr. Philip L. Grill
Fr. James Grimes
Br. Mateo Guerrero
Fr. Roderic M. Guerrini
Fr. George A. Gunst
Fr. Vicente M. Guzman
Fr. John Joseph Hackett
Fr. Clinton Vincent Hagenbach
Fr. Bernard Brian Hanley
Fr. Michael Joseph Haran
Fr. Paschal Hardy
Fr. Charles W. Harman
Fr. Richard A. Hartman
Fr. Thomas E. Havel
Fr. Benjamin Hawkes
Br. Gerald Heather
Fr. Richard Allen Henry
Fr. Alfred Hernandez
Fr. Stephen C. Hernandez
Fr. John Higson
Fr. Patrick J. Hill
Fr. Frank Hollenbach
Fr. William Hollinger
Fr. Michael A. Hunt
Fr. Daniel Hurley
Fr. John J. Hurley
Br. Richard Hurley
Fr. Jose Medrano Ilagan
Fr. Joseph James
Fr. Melvin P. James
Fr. Luis Jaramillo
Fr. Tilak A. Jayawardene
Fr. Emmanuel Jimenez-Pelayo
Fr. David E. Johnson
Br. Anthony Juarez
Fr. Robert Jesus Juarez
Fr. Stephen Kain
Br. Kumara S. Kambhampati
Fr. Philip Kavanaugh
Fr. Christopher Kearney
Fr. John Keeney
Fr. Matthew H. Kelly
Fr. Patrick Kelly
Fr. John M. Kenney
Fr. John F. Killeen
Mary Joseph Killeen
Fr. Thomas F. King
Fr. Bruce J. Klikunas
Seminarian Frank Kohlbeck
Fr. John Kohnke
Fr. Gustave R. Krumm
Fr. Sylvio Lacar
Fr. Michael Lalor
Fr. Timothy R. Lane

Fr. David LaPierre
Fr. Fergus Lawless
Br. Modesto Leon
Fr. Jerold W. Lindner
Fr. Theodore Llanos
Br. Charles Loofborough
Fr. Richard A. Loomis
Fr. Joseph Lopez
Fr. Fernando Lopez Lopez
Fr. Larry Lorenzoni
Fr. Lawrence Joseph Lovell
Fr. Denis Lyons
Br. Juan Macias
Fr. Eugene MacSweeney
Fr. Roger Michael Mahony
Fr. Eugene A. Maio
Fr. Sylvester E. Mancuso
Fr. Thomas Reon Paul Marshall, Jr.
Fr. James Aloysius Martin
Br. Ernest Martinez
Fr. Ruben D. Martinez
Fr. Richard M. Martini
Fr. Leonardo G. Mateo
Fr. Francisco Mateos
Fr. Charles Patrick Mayer
Fr. Joseph McAsey
Fr. Vincent McCabe
Fr. Kevin J. McCarthy
Fr. Angus R. McDonald
Fr. Forrest McDonald
Br. Daniel McDonough
Fr. Thomas McElhatton
Br. James J. McGloin
Fr. Philip Joseph McGrath
Fr. Seán John McGrath
Fr. Patrick J. McHugh
Fr. Martin McKeon
Fr. William A. McLean
Fr. Patrick H. McNamara
Fr. Jose Mejia Gonzales
Fr. Jose J. Mendez
Fr. William P. Messenger
Fr. Louis L. Meyer
Fr. Titian Athos Miani
Fr. George Michael Miller
Fr. John Dennis Mitchell
Fr. John Ralph Moholy
Fr. Vincent L. Molthen
Fr. Alfred J. Monte
Br. Michael Andre Moody
Fr. Raymond D. Morales
Fr. Kolbe Moreno
Br. Ralph Murguia
Fr. Francis J. Murphy
Fr. Joseph L. Murphy
Fr. Daniel J. Murray
Fr. Jeffrey David Newell
Fr. Michael Stephen Nocita
Fr. Cyril Nwankwo
Fr. Kenneth R. O’Brien
Fr. John F. O’Byrne
Fr. Charles W. O’Carroll
Fr. Donal P. O’Connor
Fr. John J. O’Donnell
Fr. Patrick F. O’Dwyer
Fr. James F. O’Grady
Fr. Mark O’Leary
Fr. Martin O’Loghlen
Fr. Thomas E. O’Rourke
Fr. Javier Ochoa
Fr. Samuel Orellana Mendoza
Fr. Miguel Angel Ortiz
Fr. Gary Pacheco
Fr. Mario Pacheco
Fr. Mariano J. Pariante
Fr. Michael P. Pecharich
Fr. Daniel P. Peck
Fr. Robert H. Peguero
Seminarian Amado Pena
Fr. Antonio Perez Carilla
Fr. Francisco Javier Perez
Fr. James Person
Fr. Louis V. Pick
Fr. Joseph D. Pina
Br. Bernard Thomas Pleimann
Fr. Gerald John Plesetz
Fr. Stanislaus Poon
Fr. Thomas A. Porter
Fr. Vincent Power
Fr. Josef Prochnow
Fr. Patrick Purcell
Fr. Joseph Puthenkandam
Fr. John C. Quatannens
Fr. Celestine Quinlan
Fr. Eleuterio V. Ramos
Br. Joseph Franklin Reagan
Br. James P. Reilly
Fr. Patrick Reilly
Fr. Terence John Reilly
Fr. Nicholas Reina
Fr. Loren Riebe
Fr. James Richard Robinson
Br. Ernest Rodie
Fr. Carlos Rene Rodriguez
Fr. Saul Rodriguez Macal
Fr. Michael M. Roebert
Fr. Donald Patrick Roemer
Fr. William C. Roper
Fr. Fidel Rosas Flores
Fr. Dorian G. Rowe
Fr. Efrain Rozo Rincon
Fr. George Neville Rucker
Fr. Joseph Francis Ryan
Fr. Thomas Ryan
Bishop Alexander Salazar
Fr. Armando Salazar
Fr. John Anthony Salazar-Jimenez
Fr. Gabriel Salinas
Fr. Jose G. Sanchez
Fr. Jose L. Sanchez
Fr. Juan Francisco Sanchez
Fr. Manuel Ontiveros Sanchez
Br. Lawrence Sandstrom
Fr. John C. Santillan Hernandez
Sr. Agnes Santomassimo
Br. Richard Satterthwaite
Fr. Arulappan Savarianandam
Fr. Emmett Gilroy Schaller
Fr. Maurice Scheier
Fr. George M. Scott
Fr. Louis Selmo
Fr. Avdon Serratos
Br. Joe Sharkey
Fr. Joseph F. Sharpe
Fr. Charles Shelton
Fr. John R. Shepherd
Fr. Edward E. Shimmaly
Fr. Fidencio Simon Silva-Flores
Fr. Francis R. Simon
Fr. Michael Sintef
Fr. Robert William Spader
Fr. Stephen Emmett Speciale
Fr. Matthew Michael Sprouffske
Br. William Stadtfeld
Fr. Louis G. Stallkamp
Fr. Raymond Stiechen
Fr. Stanislaus Su
Fr. Thomas J. Sullivan
Fr. Carl Maurice Sutphin
Fr. Joseph Tacderas
Fr. Santiago L. Tamayo
Fr. Lukas Bao Teluma
Fr. Raymond Jose Tepe
Fr. Michael Terra
Br. Tom Thing
Fr. Vance Zebulon Thorne
Fr. Carl D. Tresler
Fr. Valentine Tugade
Fr. Jerome Turba
Fr. Jose I. Ugarte
Fr. Chrisian Van Liefde
Fr. Vincent Van ter Toolen
Br. Pedro Vasquez
Br. John Verhart
Fr. Henry Xavier Vetter
Fr. Gillmero Nemoria Villa Gomez
Fr. Ernesto Corral Villaroya
Fr. Luis Villoria
Fr. William S. Vita
Fr. Rudolph T. Vorisek
Fr. John H. Wadeson
Fr. James Joseph Walsh
Fr. A. Thomas Warren
Fr. Francis J. Weber
Fr. Wilfred Weitz
Fr. Michael Edwin Wempe
Fr. Gerald Wertz
Fr. John W. Wishard
Fr. Philip Mark Wolfe
Fr. William J. Wood
Bishop George Patrick Ziemann

Diocese of Monterey, CA

Fr. Phillip Abinate
Fr. Orlando Alberto Battagliola
Fr. Stuart Bede Campbell
Br. Marcos Capistran Chavira
Fr. Thomas Condon
Fr. Antonio Cortes
Fr. Edward Crews
Fr. Patrick J. Daly
Br. Ronald “Gordon” Drum
Fr. Vincent Dwyer
Seminarian Juan Carlos Esquivel
Fr. Carl Faria
Fr. Edward Fitz-Henry
Seminarian Luis Garcia
Fr. Edward T. Haskins
Seminarian Manuel Jimenez

Fr. Gregory Kareta
Fr. Scott McCarthy
Fr. Michael McDonald
Fr. Albert Mengon
Fr. Gilbert Roman Meyer
Fr. Felix Migliazzo
Fr. Charles L. Moore
Fr. Thomas J. Neary
Fr. Colman O’Connor
Fr. Joseph Pacheco
Fr. John W. Pierson
Fr. Joseph Sheehan
Fr. Rino Spada
Fr. Paul R. Valdez
Fr. John Velez
Br. James Wisecaver

Diocese of Oakland, CA

Fr. Jeffrey N. Acebo
Fr. Thomas Duong Binh-Minh
Fr. Vincent Ignatius Breen
Fr. Donald Eugene Broderson
Fr. Kenneth J. Cabral
Fr. Alexander Q. Castillo
Fr. Ricardo Chavez
Fr. James A. Clark
Fr. Phillip Colloty
Fr. Hilary Cooper
Fr. Virendra Coutts
Fr. George E. Crespin
Fr. Sidney J. Custodio
Fr. Pearse P. Donovan
Fr. Donald W. Eagleson
Fr. Joseph A. Ferreira
Fr. Patrick Finnegan
Fr. George J. Francis
Fr. Robert E. Freitas
Br. Adrian Furman
Fr. William S. Green
Br. Joseph Gutierrez-Cervantes
Fr. Leo A. Hofstee
Fr. Stephen M. Kiesle
Fr. Ronald J. LaGasse

Fr. Tarcisio D. Lanuevo
Fr. Cornelius P. Leehan
Juan Macias Lopez
Fr. Gary M. Luiz
Fr. John T. McCracken
Fr. Michael J. McGinty
Br. Bede McKinnon
Fr. Daniel McLeod
Fr. Hector David Mendoza Vela
Fr. Joaquin Moreno
Br. Lawrence O’Brien
Fr. William Odom-Green
Fr. Robert F. Ponciroli
Fr. Jesus Garcia Prieto
Fr. James E. Prindeville
Fr. Arthur A. Ribeiro
Fr. Anthony P. Slane
Fr. Gary B. Tollner
Fr. Ramon Varela
Br. John Vas
Br. Francis Verngren
Fr. Stephen Whelan
Fr. Gordon Wilcox
Br. Terrence D. Wong

Diocese of Orange, CA

Fr. Andrew Christian Andersen
Fr. Sofronio A. Aranda
Br. Gregory Atherton
Fr. Lawrence J. Baird
Fr. Franklin Buckman
Fr. Santino Anthony Casimano
Fr. Richard Delahunty
Fr. Sinon F. Falvey
Fr. Kevin M. Fitzpatrick
Fr. Robert C. Foley
Fr. Michael A. Harris
Fr. Bertrand W. Horvath
Fr. Edgardo Arrunataegui Jimenez
Fr. John Knoernschild

Fr. John Peter Lenihan
Fr. John Lord
Fr. Alexander Manville
Fr. Thomas Joseph Mohan
Fr. Dominic Nguyen
Fr. Gordon John Pillon
Fr. Edward Poettgen
Fr. Timothy Ramaekers
Fr. Luis Eduardo Ramirez
Fr. John Edward Ruhl
Deacon Cesar Salazar
Fr. John A. Sheahan
Fr. Gerardo Jarencio Tanilong

Diocese of Sacramento, CA

Fr. Thomas G. Allender
Deacon Alejandro Arroyo
Fr. Gerardo Beltran Rico
Fr. Edward Boyle
Fr. Vincent Brady
Fr. James Casey
Fr. Robert Casper
Fr. Andrew Coffey
Fr. Malachy Conway
Fr. Hector Coria Gonzales
Fr. Pablo Cortes
Fr. John Crowley
Fr. Rodolfo Delgado
Fr. Michael Dermody
Fr. Thomas Dermody
Fr. John Dowling
Fr. Arthur A. Falvey
Fr. William Feeser
Fr. Oscar Figueroa
Fr. J. Patrick Foley
Fr. John Hannan
Fr. Jerome M. Henson
Fr. David Hernandez Cota
Fr. Francisco Hernandez-Tovar
Fr. Joseph Nguyen Hoan

Fr. William B. Hold
Fr. Gunter Klingenbrunner
Fr. Louis Michael O’Halloran
Fr. Michael Lynch
Deacon Jesus Magallanes
Fr. Robert Marsicek
Fr. James Finbarr Mennis
Fr. Vito Mistretta
Fr. James Thomas Monaghan
Fr. Jorge Moreno
Fr. Cornelius F. O’Connor
Fr. Uriel Ojeda
Br. Charles A. Onorato
Fr. Z. Enrique Perez
Fr. Vernon Petrich
Fr. Jose Antonio Pinal
Fr. Mario Porras Blanco
Fr. Michael Prouix
Fr. William Storan
Fr. Simon Twomey
Fr. Jose Luis Urbina
Fr. Murrough Wallace
Fr. Michael G. Walsh
Fr. John Watts

Diocese of San Bernardino, CA

Fr. Saul Ayala
Fr. Edward Lawrence Ball
Fr. Roberto A. Barco
Fr. Joseph C. Bell
Fr. Gustavo Benson
Fr. Michael Bucaro
Fr. Alejandro Jose Castillo
Fr. Peter Covas
Fr. Owen da Silva
Fr. Daniel De Dominicis
Fr. Jesus A. Dominguez
Fr. Robert J. Donat
Br. Kevin Dunne
Br. Clifton Raymond Etienne
Fr. Joseph Fertal
Fr. Anthony Martinez Garduno
Fr. Rudi Gil
Fr. Maximiliano Gomez Macouzet
Fr. J. Ernest Hayes

Diocese of San Diego, CA

Fr. John Beatty
Fr. James T. Booth
Brother Thomas
Fr. Robert Buchanan
Fr. Arthur Carrillo
Fr. Jose Chavarin
Fr. James Creaton
Fr. Edito D’Amora
Fr. John Joseph Daly
Fr. Nelson C. Damasco
Fr. Luis Eugene De Francisco
Fr. Donald F. Doxie
Fr. I. Brent Eagen
Fr. Herman Francis Flynn
Fr. Michael French
Fr. Rudolph Galindo
Fr. James A. Ganahl
Fr. Paul Gill
Fr. Michael Higgins
Fr. Gary Michael Holtey
Fr. Richard L. Houck
Fr. Patrick J. Hughes
Fr. Patrick J. Kearney
Fr. John Charles Keith
Fr. Robert S. Koerner
Fr. Adalbert J. Kowalczyk
Fr. William Armstrong Kraft
Fr. Lawrence Kurlandski
Fr. George Lally
Fr. Justin Langille
Fr. Michael M. MacCourt
Fr. Michael Victor Marron
Fr. Peter Joseph Marron
Fr. Ramon Marrufo
Fr. Malachy M. McGinn
Fr. Patrick Carl McNamara
Fr. Mark A. Medaer
Fr. Ricardo Mejia
Fr. Thomas Moloney
Fr. Paolino Montagna
Fr. Ephren Cirilio Neri
Fr. Robert Daniel Nikliborc
Fr. Michael O’Connor
Fr. Michael Raymond O’Donohoe
Fr. Patrick J. O’Keeffe
Fr. Emmanuel O. Omemaga
Fr. Daniel Polizzi
Fr. Nicholas M. Reveles
Fr. Franz Robier
Fr. Edward Anthony Rodrigue
Fr. David Roll
Fr. Joseph Rossell
Fr. Joseph Russell
Fr. William R. Savord
Fr. Edward Augustine Sheehy
Fr. Gregory Sierra Sheridan
Sister Bridgette
Fr. William D. Spain
Fr. Matthew J. Thompson
Fr. Victor Uboldi
Fr. William Valverde
Fr. Barry Vinyard

Diocese of San Francisco, CA

Fr. Peter Gomez Armstrong
Fr. James W. Aylward
Fr. Theodore Baquedano-Pech
Br. Salvatore Billante
Fr. Jean-Pierre Bongila
Fr. Roberto Bravo
Fr. Daniel E. Carter
Fr. Edmond G. Cloutier
Fr. Arthur Manuel Cunha
Fr. Bernard Dabbene
Fr. Harold Danielson
Fr. Paul E. Duggan
Fr. Charles J. Durkin
Br. Hal Ellis
Fr. David A. Ghiorso
Fr. Martin F. Greenlaw
Fr. Michael D. Harriman
Fr. John P. Heaney
Fr. Gregory G. Ingels
Fr. Frank Ivey
Fr. John P. Kavanaugh
Fr. Austin Peter Keegan
Fr. Daniel T. Keohane
Fr. Jerome Leach
Fr. Epiphanius Lewis
Fr. Philip E. McCrillis
Br. John Moriarty
Fr. Guy Anthony Murnig
Fr. William S. Myers
Fr. John J. O’Connor
Fr. Patrick J. O’Shea
Br. Danilo Pacheco
Fr. Richard P. Presenti
Fr. Jose F. Ribeiro
Fr. Miles O’Brien Riley
Fr. Carl Anthony Schipper
Fr. Lawrence Gerard Smith
Br. Wellington Joseph Stanislaus
Fr. Jose Superiaso
Fr. Henry J. Trainor
Fr. Leo Donald Tubbs
Fr. Robert M. Van Handel
Fr. Milton T. Walsh
Br. Peter J. Yost

Diocese of San Jose, CA

Fr. Thomas Bettencourt
Fr. Edward Thomas Burke
Br. Charles Leonard Connor
Fr. L. Joseph Dondero
Fr. Raymond V. Dunn
Br. William C. Farrington
Fr. Don D. Flickinger
Fr. Robert A. Gray
Fr. Arthur Harrison
Fr. Laurent Largente
Fr. Alexander C. Larkin
Fr. Angel Crisostomo Mariano
Br. John Rodrigues Moniz
Fr. George Moss
Fr. Leonel C. Noia
Br. Joseph P. Nu’uanu
Fr. Joseph T. Pritchard
Fr. Noel Senevirante
Fr. Edward M. Stretch
Fr. Phil Sunseri
Fr. Hernan Toro
Fr. Benedict Van der Putten

Diocese of Santa Rosa, CA

Fr. Anthony Bolger
Fr. John J. Brenkle
Fr. John S. Crews
Fr. Patrick Gleeson
Fr. Patrick A. Hannon
Fr. Michael Emmet Kelly
Fr. Donald Wren Kimball
Fr. Patrick Joseph McCabe
Fr. John A. Meenan
Fr. Francis E. Neville
Fr. Vincent O’Neill
Fr. Francisco Xavier Ochoa
Fr. Ted Oswald
Fr. Xavier Pallathuparambil
Fr. Thomas G. Parker
Fr. James E. Pulskamp
Fr. John K. Rogers
Fr. Jorge Hume Salas
Fr. Wilfred L. Sheehy
Fr. Alfredo Sobalvarro
Fr. Jerome Stack
Fr. Gary Timmons
Fr. James Walsh
Fr. Bernard Ward
Fr. Ron Wiecek

Diocese of Stockton, CA

Fr. Francis Arakal
Fr. Antonio Camacho
Br. Didachus Clavell
Fr. Murty M. Fahy
Fr. Julio Cesar Guarin-Sosa
Fr. Michael Eugene Kelly
Fr. Editho Mascardo
Fr. Edward Noonan
Fr. Oliver Francis O’Grady
Fr. Oscar A. Pelaez
Fr. Eduardo Perez Torrez
Fr. Antonio Munoz Rodriguez
Fr. Leo Suarez
Fr. Fernando Villalobos